1. Stalin, the father of all peoples, hated by the imperialist bourgeoisie, by the liberals, fascists and the revisionists; and loved by all the peoples of the world.


    2. blackxacto
      Capitalism: When you needed centuries of slavery, colonialism and imperialism in order to become a world superpower and the communists achieved the same without those things and in 3 decades but you still manage to make people believe the lie that socialism doesn’t work.


      1. So enslaving your population, and starving, and shipping all the rest to Siberia, helped you achieve a torn down wall and rusted equipment? Seems like it dissolved from internal disease.


    3. So spreading anticommunist propaganda is an argument. Hahaha Another manipulated by the propaganda of the anticommunist and Trotskyist George Orwell. You know absolutely nothing about Stalin, you are just an ignorant manipulator and liar who believes in the lies of the bourgeois reaction and the Soviet revisionists who are enemies of socialism and traitors to Marxism-Leninism. I am not here because of the colorful pictures of historical characters, I am here because of the historical figures of communism demonized by western propaganda. I have information and sources to dismantle all the propaganda poured on Comrade Stalin, there is already enough information on the internet to dismantle all the lies about Stalin, about the USSR, about socialism and about communism, if you want you can see this page where it is dismantled easily anti-communist propaganda. THE “DEBUNKING ANTI-COMMUNISM” MASTERPOST https://www.reddit.com/r/communism/wiki/debunk


    4. The Big Brother is the CIA, NSA, FBI, MI6, MOSSAD, and all the intelligence agencies that serve the capitalist bourgeoisie.


  1. Whoever attacks Stalin under the “argument” of the anti-Communist propaganda of the West can not be considered a human being, but a fascist garbage.


  2. USA it is a totalitarian bourgeois state, a corporatocracy of monopolistic capitalist multinationals, where it is governed by ultranationalist-Catholic at the level of a chauvinist and very ultraconservative politically, having xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic and anti-immigrant policies, a completely ignorant society and stupid for that reason their intolerance as we can see their blind hatred against the Muslims who qualify them as “terrorists” and the Latinos who qualify them as propagators of “delinquency”, “violence”, “drugs” and other lies, but the government from the USA they are very ultraliberal in the economic as it was the same as the Nazi Germany of Adolf Hitler provided it is so that the imperialist bourgeoisie benefits otherwise they reject free trade and they become protectionist countries, Nazi Germany resembles enormously EE .US. in many ways since Nazi Germany like the USA They have the DNA of imperialism that is invasive, racist, exploiter, looter, genocide, terrorist, expansionist and exporter of financial capital with the aim of opening new markets in the world to serve the interests of the imperialist bourgeoisies of their countries. More than 50% of its US population is completely ignorant, does not know anything about geography, does not even know where North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria are, does not know anything about history or their countries, nor about the countries of Latin America and of the world, it is difficult for them to do mathematics, as is the case with algebra, they are not taught by discipline, they are disorderly people, education in the United States. has been cut by the neoliberal policies of Ronald Reagan and the following governments, it seems difficult to learn Spanish despite the fact that there are more than 55 million Latinos who speak Spanish and at the same time English and many of these have fled their countries the poverty, misery and hunger that the neoliberal governments brought in the 70’s, 80’s with the condor operation and in the 90’s were imposed by the US. in the “Washington Consensus”. The upper class people are the only ones who can afford the privilege of studying in good universities where they are trained to serve the interests of the US imperialist bourgeoisie but education is mediocre for the middle class and lower class that lacks money to be able to pay their studies that are very expensive as well as housing is very expensive and even health is also expensive because education, health and housing is a business for the private sector, and also do not know anything about politics and are not informed since almost all the media that serve the US government They completely misinform what happens in countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Iran, North Korea, China, Russia, countries that are usually demonized by the neoliberal and neo-fascist media that serve the US government. that as you know is a repressive bourgeois state against its people and can be seen as repressed in the demonstrations against Donald Trump when he takes the presidency or in anti-war demonstrations in the Middle East, always repress people when it manifests against criminal policies of the US government but all the media coverage is put in Venezuela and Nicaragua. USA is the country where hypocrisy, double standards or double standards is the daily bread, they are not able to give any valid argument to sustain their criminal policies against other countries as is the case of the trade war that China is making, the sanctions economic conditions imposed on Russia, Iran, Venezuela, always use the pathetic excuses that are “repressive” governments or government that “censor” and that there is no “freedom of expression” or that they are murderous “dictatorships” or that they are countries that they kill their people hungry and even the issue of the “humanitarian crisis” in Venezuela that led to the “mass exodus” (which does not exist) and other hoaxes to intervene in democratic and sovereign nations such as Venezuela that suffers from economic sanctions and blockades such as the economic blockade, the financial blockade and the trade blockade are imposed by US imperialism so that a country such as Cuba, which has suffered from blockades for 56 years and that is what does not allow it to develop as a country but the world press sells false news, disinformation and propaganda against Cuba, they sell you total falsehoods like that of which socialism and communism are an absolute failure when we know that the United States. He is responsible for the situation in Cuba that is constantly besieged by the US. It also has to be said that many pro-gringo people or brainwashing blatantly lie about the existence of freedom of expression in the US, that is a complete complete lie, really the United States. freedom of expression does not exist except for the bourgeoisie that controls the media and at the same time censures with impunity all the media that disseminate the truth as they are RT (Russia Today), Telesur (South Television) with the story that they are “propaganda” of Putin or is “propaganda” of Chavez and Maduro and also say that it is pure “misinformation” among other types of excuses, since these means are not serving the agenda of the interests of the imperialists and Zionists Americans, that is, these media like RT, Telesur are censored because they do not serve political and economic interests. USA it is a genocidal government that kills its people in poverty and misery where more than 60 million live in those conditions, it is also a terrorist state because it invades nations with the pretext of imposing “democracy” and “freedom” of which there has never been In U.S.A. The only freedom that exists is that of the rich being able to enrich themselves through the exploitation and theft of American workers and through the plundering of natural resources as a result of neoliberal neocolonization to other nations. USA He was always a vile invader of democratic countries such as North Korea, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya, Syria, countries where tens of millions died in total from their imperialist wars. USA He was always an interventionist in the policies of other countries and has always been involved in the elections of other countries to come together and support a commonly neoliberal candidate such as Mauricio Macri and Jair Bolsonaro who serve their interests where they come to power. through false news, disinformation and anti-communist propaganda. USA It is undemocratic because it finances fascist dictatorships in the Cold War, in Operation Gladio, Operation Condor where the US He imposed his puppet dictators subservient to their interests in the past. USA He is also a blackmailer, sanctioner, saboteur of economies of many countries of the world and also impose blockades such as Cuba and Venezuela. USA he is a historical manipulator, glorifies Nazism and condemns communism because with his Hollywood propaganda he has brainwashed so much imbecile with anti-communist propaganda and now they see communism as the worst plague, but the worst plague is called capitalism in its phase superior that is the American imperialism responsible for the whole situation that Venezuela and Cuba are experiencing. Where Cuba has economic blockade, financial blockade and trade blockade. Venezuela for its part has economic war, financial war, trade war from the Venezuelan opposition and the Venezuelan bourgeoisie, in addition the national and international anti-Chavez media have dedicated themselves to selling lies and false news about Venezuela through the media war, the psychological war, the dirty war, the diplomatic war.

    The media is brazenly manipulating the situation in Venezuela, shamelessly manipulating North Korea and also North Korea, they also manipulate greatly on Russia and China, previously they did with the anti-communist propaganda against Stalin and Mao. As all anti-communist propaganda should know, it lacks a head or a head, since they can not give arguments and have no scientific basis to criticize socialism and less to communism.
    Moreover, since the United States was founded in 1776, it has been at war for 224 of its 242 years of existence, that is, 93% of its time of existence. USA has invaded more than 73 countries, has participated in 201 of 248 conflicts. USA It has more than 800 military bases in the world, and they do it to protect the interests of the capitalist bourgeoisie. Who is the terrorist then?

    The Deep State of the USA is where the imperialist bourgeoisie and the Zionist Jews who control the US are through their puppets call congressmen, deputies, senators, ministers, presidents, mayors, NGOs, military, diplomats, neoliberal economists, scientists, intelligence services such as the CIA, FBI, NSA, journalists from private companies, public and private officials, bourgeois politicians from the right and the left who are simple opportunists who are pro-imperialist, pro-capitalist, pro-Zionist, fascist and neoliberal dictators, etc.

    Ernesto “Che” Guevara said: “Yankee imperialism is the fiercest, most unscrupulous and also most powerful monarchist warrior oligarchy that has known the history of mankind.


  3. Stalin the father of all peoples, liberator of Europe and the world of the Nazi-fascist threat, only the fascist or ignorant garbage can call him “Big Brother”.


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