Vladimir Lenin and his wife Nadezhda, Gorki, Russia | Ленин и Крупская, Горки, 1922


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Delegates of the II. Congress of the Communist International | Делегаты II конгресса Коминтерна, 1920


First row from left to right: Giacinto Serrati (Italy), Leon Trotsky, Paul Levi (Germany), Grigory Zinoviev, Mikhail Kalinin, Karl Radek. Moscow, 1920.

Первый ряд слева направо: Джасинто Серрати (Италия), Лев Троцкий, Пауль Леви (Германия), Григорий Зиновьев, Михаил Калинин, Карл Радек. Москва, 1920. Continue reading

General Alekseyev | Генерал Алексеев

General Alekseyev | Генерал Алексеев

Mikhail Vasiliyevich Alekseyev (Russian: Михаил Васильевич Алексеев) (3 November 1857 – 25 September 1918) was an Imperial Russian Army general during World War I and the Russian Civil War. Between 1915 and 1917 he served as Tsar Nicholas II’s Chief of Staff of the Stavka, and after the February Revolution, was its commander-in-chief under the Russian Provisional Government from March to May 1917. He later played a principal role in founding the Volunteer Army in the Russian Civil War and died in 1918 of heart failure while fighting the Bolsheviks in the Volga region.