“Night witches” | “Ночные ведьмы”


June 1945. Preparation for the Victory Parade.

46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Aviation Regiment.

From left to right: Rufina Gasheva, Irina Sebrova, Natalia Meklin, Marina Chechneva, Nadezhda Popova, Seraphima Amosova, Evdokia Nikulina, Evdokia Bershanskaya, Maria Smirnova, Evgeniya Zhigulenko

Июнь 1945 г. Подготовка к Параду Победы. Слева направо: Р.С. Гашева, И.Ф.Себрова, Н.Ф.Меклин, М.П.Чечнева, Н.В.Попова, С.Т.Амосова, Е.А.Никулина, Е.Д.Бершанская, М.В.Смирнова, Е.А.Жигуленко.




  1. Hi, leaving behind that you very realistically painted a photo, painting of planes is absolutely wrong. In the spring of 1945 green aircrafts should not exist. The main type of camouflage is gray-gray for all types of aircraft, with a small presence of aircraft painted in tricolor green-black-coffee.


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