Marlene Dietrich



6 thoughts on “Marlene Dietrich

      • I can’t get over how you make your subjects skin seem alive, from a b/w image. No one on the internet can do what you do with b/w images. You bring to life subjects long dead and gone.You breath life into them. I am just shocked at the life you give to your subjects. Your work makes me want to talk to your images.


  1. “Very simple”, lololololololol!!!!! You are an incredible artist to understand when to add and when to take away. Thank you for the big surprise: Puppet Wrap, then Color Mode Layers in various transparencies. When I saw your demo, just now, I got a fantastic feeling like when I realized what Multiply Layer would do for shadows, years ago when first starting Photoshop. Don’t kid me about your talent. You are a definite genius!


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