Berlin 1945


Боец Красной армии Катя Спивак регулирует движение на улицах Берлина, 10.05.1945


Автор: Яков Рюмкин


3 thoughts on “Berlin 1945

    • The girls in the video and on the photo look very much alike, it can be the same person though the names are different (video: Ovcharenko, photo: Spivak), but there are lots of mistakes in the internet.
      She says in the video that she graduated from the school (10 classes in the USSR) and then had a long way: Ukraine, Crimea and now Berlin.
      There is not the Order of the Patriotic War what she is wearing – this is a badge, kind of “Expert Qualification Badge” which was given for good job.
      different badges


  1. Thank you. Spivak may be her maiden name, but I am confused on the first name — the photograph says Katya, the movie (per Yuri Raizman) says Lydia, I even seem to hear Elisa (?) in the video clip. Or is Katya a generic endearment for any Russian female ? But perhaps I obsess. Have a happy May Day !


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