Евдокия Никулина | Evdokia Nikulina

Nikulina, Jevdokia Andrejevna Born 1917 Heroine of the Soviet Union Born on 8 November 1917 in the Kaluga region in a peasant family. She graduated from the Aviation Technical College in Balashev. Before the war she worked as a civil aviatress in Air Transportation in Smolensk. She enlisted in the Red Army as a volunteer in June 1941 and immediately joined the Bombardment Regiment. Commander of 46th 3rd eskadrilji GvNBAP. Nikulina was promoted captain and made 600 sorties. Golden Star of the Hero of the Soviet Union was awarded October 26, 1944. After the war she got the rank Major. In 1954 she completed studies at the Pedagogical Institute in Rostov-on-Don, and lived there.Evdokiya-Nikulina-WWII-female-pilot-Hero-of-the-Soviet-Union-bw


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